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10 Tik Tok accounts for foodies to drool over

发布时间: 2023年5月19日 浏览: 81
The world of food and cooking has been revolutionized with the advent of TikTok. From tutorials on how to make perfect scrambled eggs to unique recipes for quick and easy dinners, TikTok has become a haven for those who love food and everything related to it. Here are ten TikTok accounts for foodies to drool over and get inspired.

1. @saltysweetseasons

Salty Sweet Seasons is a foodie account that is focused on simplistic methods. With the mindset that every season deserves all the goodness the world has to offer, this TikToker shares drool-worthy recipes for easy seasonal dishes.

2. @eatsbyames

Eatsbyames is the go-to TikTok account for foodies who are looking for fresh, healthy, and easy-to-make meals. Her recipes include everything from breakfast smoothies to sweet potato tacos and are always deliciously nutritious.

3. @mizmaggieb

Miz Maggie B is a professional cook and culinary instructor who shares her kitchen secrets and recipes on TikTok. Her content is informative and easy to follow, and she has a broad range of dishes from appetizers to desserts.

4. @trillervell

Trillervell is the go-to TikTok account for self-proclaimed foodies who have a love for Southern cooking. Her videos are packed with mouth-watering dishes featuring traditional Southern flavors and techniques that will make you want to head straight to the kitchen to try out her recipes.

5. @thatdudecancook

Thatdudecancook has become TikTok’s own culinary superstar. This account features an array of dishes from all over the world, with unique ingredients, and standout preparation methods that will appeal to even the most sophisticated of palates.

6. @agoodcarrot

Nothing beats homegrown produce, and the @agoodcarrot TikTok account shows you just how to use it in your kitchen. Discover new ways to enjoy the farm-fresh food at your disposal. From sourdough bread to fresh vegetable dips, this is the ultimate healthy eating account.

7. @alixtraeger

Alixtraeger is an executive chef turned TikTok influencer! She emphasizes cooking with a twist, bringing fun and excitement to the kitchen with unique twists on classic recipes.

8. @jennymartinezzz

Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine? Then you have to check out @jennymartinezzz, where this talented TikToker shares her traditional recipes. From homemade chorizo to fresh tamales, you'll feel right at home with Jenny in the kitchen.

9. @samosasofa

Looking for plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian-friendly meals and snacks? @samosasofa has got it all! From her hearty vegan burger to vegan buffalo chicken dip, these meat-free recipes are finger-licking good.

10. @foodwithmichel

Michel is the ultimate “foodie”. This TikToker travels the world and shares his international food cravings with his followers. He’s your global go-to for food, whether you like Indonesian street food, authentic Greek gyros, or classic Italian pasta.

These ten TikTok accounts for foodies are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available on the platform. So go ahead and hit that “follow” button on TikTok, and get inspired by the mouth-watering recipes, stunning food styling, and simple yet elegant techniques on display. Happy cooking!
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